Supercars' Drivers Community is one of the organizations with the longest trajectory in Spain in the organization of events related to sports cars, gastronomy and tourism. A family of automotive and lifestyle enthusiasts that since 2007 has ensured to provide memorable experiences that capture the beauty and essence of the Spanish geography to drivers from all over the world.

The germ of the current SDC, capable of concentrating more than 200 examples of the best sports cars on the market, dates back to 2007. It was then when a dreamer from Cantabria, Jesús Solano, organized the first high-end car rally near Santander. His motivation, to weave a community around a passion that he already lived with his friends, with whom he shared routes and meals in restaurants throughout Cantabria.

Automotive, culture and gastronomy are the three fundamental pillars on which SDC events are built, which are meeting points for like-minded people who want to enjoy their vehicles and establish new bonds in a friendly, relaxed and calm atmosphere that will make them want to return the following year to repeat the experience and discover what surprises Jesús Solano and his team have prepared this time.

What began as a meeting of a few friends soon took on a life of its own. Convinced by their personal experience, those who came to Santander became ambassadors of the event without looking for it, telling their experiences to those close to them and thus helping to spread the word that in the north of Spain there was a man who went out of his way to satisfy those who shared the same passion.

The first demonstration of this growth was also in 2008, on September 20. On that day, 52 vehicles from all over Spain gathered in the city of Santander, in what was the first meeting that took place under the acronym SDC. In memory of that first meeting, Jesús Solano and his team promoted 52supercars a decade later, a second annual event that every autumn takes the same founding spirit to selected points of the Spanish geography, with a participation limited to the same number of vehicles.

Edition after edition, SDC has been characterized by the search for excellence and by always rewarding the trust of its participants, many of whom have been regulars for more than a decade. Far from falling into conformism, it has raised the bar year after year to offer drivers more beautiful scenery, more welcoming restaurants and more special hotels at each meeting.

Road routes with Paradores and Michelin-starred restaurants, cultural visits in nature such as the Altamira Caves or pilgrimage centers for motoring enthusiasts such as Fernando Alonso's museum circuit; large parades through Santander in direct coordination with the authorities or gala dinners in iconic buildings such as the Palacio de La Magdalena or the Gran Casino Sardinero are just some examples of what it means to join a community like SDC.

And the same team that year after year works to surprise its participants in the main event of SDC is also responsible for the already mentioned 52supercars "Ciudad de Torrelavega" and Supercars' Drivers Community Iberia, two events for sports car lovers that take place in other parts of the Spanish geography, but retain the same spirit of excellence and the goal of growing the largest community of friends of the lifestyle and the car in Spain.