Maserati Hommage, the Gran Turismo of the future

A few years remain until we reach 2049 but Maserati has already set to work to design what they believe will be the Gran Turismo of the future. We still do not know if in thirty years we will all be here running around but what seems clear, seeing the model, is that Batman would be happy to drive this Hommage.

Completely black, rounded lines throughout the chassis and with a minimum ground clearance. This is the ‘fantasy’ of the designer Francesco Behance Gastaldi, although assuring that it is neither a concept car nor a prototype and that only, perhaps, is the future of Maserati in 2049.

In the words of Gastaldi himself: “The design is not inspired by cars of the past. It is inspired by Italian design and Italian personalities such as Fellini, Miuccia Prada or Gianni Versace and many others who created their own way instead of following the rules. ”

Beyond the design, the theory of this Hommage is an electric vehicle and semi-autonomous, with fully adaptable seats to convert the car into autonomous and with a fully functional dashboard full of information.
A mixture of tradition, aspiration and technology assembled in a car that will be made to measure. Now it only remains to see if the prophecy is fulfilled.

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