Official Poster Cantabria Superdeportives “Discovering Spain” 8 Novembre 2015

Superdeportivos Cantabria “Discovering Spain” presented the official poster of Experience in Cantabria the 8 of November, 2015.

The meeting point is at 09: 00h in the parking field Tasca Stadium, will offer for participants a breakfast and will be a short briefing on the development of the day.

The program will begin with a route that will visit spectacular landscapes to charming towns like Mortera, Liencres, Boo de Piélagos, Santillana del Mar and Novales to arrive Comillas, where we visit the Capricho of Gaudí, which is one of the first buildings the famous architect. The Capricho was built for the first Marquis of Comillas, Antonio Lopez and Lopez, as a summer villa near the Palace of Sobrellano of the Marquis.

After contemplating the magnificent architecture built by Gaudí, we taste delicatessen products such as cheese, ham, oil, from La Depensa del Gourmet to be performed on the Abba Comillas Golf Hotel.

We will continue our route to Selores, this place is located in the Camino Real is a hotel and restaurant located in a house called “The Estate of the Source” of the seventeenth century, now renovated by designer Paco Entrena.

For anyone who wants to spend the night of November 7 in Santander offer special prices at the Chiqui Hotel and dinner at the Restaurant El Serbal, awarded a Michelin star.

For more information contact with Jesus: 682000682 or

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