Presentation of the prizes to the winners of the Best Video and Best Photography 2017

Superdeportivos Cantabria “Ciudad de Santander” has awarded Javier Alvear and Christian López as authors of the best video and the best photography of the event, held from 18 to 21 May with the participation of about 150 cars.

The Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Miriam Díaz, and the organizer of the meeting, Jesús Solano, have presented this week the prizes of photography and video contests, which were presented almost a hundred works.

In the case of the photography contest, which chose 85 snapshots, the jury has chosen an image of Christian López Cobos, resident in Cantabria, which sees several of the vehicles participating in the encounter parked next to the Palace of the Magdalena Nightfall On the other hand, in the category of video, in which 10 works were presented, the prize went to Javier Alvear Pérez-Castells, from Eaglecam and neighbor of Madrid, for a piece of about 4 minutes that summarizes the whole event , With images of super sports car in the “Parque de Las Llamas”, the streets of Santander and other localities of the region.

Both have received prizes valued at more than € 770€:

1. A commemorative plaque and
2. Michelin part jacket
3. Pilot stylus
4. Double room with Spa in the Spa of La Hermida
5. Gifts from Maserati
6. Anchovies Angelachu
7. Quesadas and Sobaos El Macho
8. Marqués de Riscal wine
9. Geneva Siderit
10. Geneva G’Vine
11. Gifts from Dromedary

Díaz and Solano have congratulated the two winners and have stressed that their works contribute to multiply the projection of this meeting, which begins to prepare and its next edition.

The Councilor for Culture and Tourism has stressed that Cantabria Super Sports “Ciudad de Santander”, which has celebrated its tenth edition this year, has already become a tourist and sporting event of reference and a whole show, both for fans of the world Engine as for any citizen.

In the 2017 edition the event has brought together some 150 vehicles from different models of Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Tomaso, Rolss Royce, Bentley or McLaren, among others, from Spain, France, Portugal and UK. In addition, as a novelty, a parade through the streets of Santander with a selection of classic cars.

Díaz has highlighted the opportunity of this meeting so that fans or spectators can see exclusive vehicles rolling in the region, but also, to promote Santander and Cantabria among the participants and as an element of economic dynamization for sectors such as hospitality, commerce or services.

The jury has been formed by:
Ms. Silvia Ramon Ponsa – Manager of the “Living Cantabria” Magazine
Mr. José Antonio Sañudo – Manager of the production company BSB
Mr. Hugo Rivas Gutierrez – Presenter of the “Open to the Motor” program on the Radio “Marca”
Mr. Oscar Perez – Manager of the “MotorCantabria” Magazine
Mr. Pelayo Varea – Manager of the production company Pelayo

And finally our biggest congratulations to the winners this year are:
1. Javier Alvear Pérez-Castells de Eaglecam – Best Sports Video Cantabria “Ciudad de Santander” 2017.
2. Christian Lopez Cobos – Best Sports Supermodel Cantabria “Ciudad de Santander” 2017.

Winning video link:
Winning photo link:

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