Superdeportivos Cantabria start a new adventure

Superdeportivos Cantabria begins a new adventure, granting to the magic and spectacularity of the luxury automobiles another envelope in the form of the project denominated 52SUPERCARS.

We approach this initiative with another format, more intimate and special, which will allow owners of high-end cars to live new experiences also outside Cantabria. We open a new door to the sensations transmitted by these cars, whose beauty, power and striking presence is beyond doubt.

With the solvency of more than a decade of experience, the managers of Superdeportivos Cantabria, we want to take a further leap in our trajectory with the creation of a kind of small brother of this incomparable and consolidated event of the national and international motor.

We will enjoy our vehicles discovering more hidden areas of the national geography, we will unite personal ties and feel to the maximum the roar of the motors by other places, creating expectation and animating the social life of all the places of our route.

With a unique and different personality, 52SUPERCARS now begins its journey with the ambition to become another reference in the field of luxury automobiles nationwide. We are waiting for you, owners and lovers of high-end vehicles, in a unique experience that will surely be unforgettable.

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