Unprecedented parade of supercars in the streets of Santander

A legion of supercars invaded the streets of the city of Santander on Saturday morning as a massive parade was held through some of the main attractions of the Cantabrian capitals. More than 125 high-end cars participated in the route, which lasted for half an hour and was followed with interest by the civilians.

The urban route was the culmination of the tenth anniversary of Superdeportivos Cantabria, which closed its 2017 edition on Sunday after four days in which the participants discovered the beauty of the roads of the region and its rich offer both in terms of gastronomy and culture.

Two McLaren MP4-12C were among the first 20 cars to meet near the Cantabrian Sea Museum to enjoy a welcome lunch at Restaurante VORS, where the participants had a three-course meal with local specialities.

In the afternoon, they visited the Parque de La Magdalena, a local park which combines peninsula, beach and even a zoo with seals and penguins, to discover one of the most precious places in the city. To wrap-up the day, over 60 members went to the Restaurante Hotel Santemar to have dinner.

The supercars left Santander at 09:00 and made their way to Santillana del Mar, where they visited the Museum of Altamira to discover the facsimile reproduction of the world-famous Cave of Altamira. Plus, two people won a contest and were allowed to visit the original cave, whose access is carefully restricted to protect its Palaeolithic paintings.

The owners would later return to their vehicles to kick-start a two-hour route through hills and twisty local roads, with Santillana del Mar as the departure and destination point. They arrived at the Parador de Santillana for lunch.

When the night fell, the cars went to the Palacio de la Magdalena for a gala dinner served by the restaurant El Serbal –awarded with a Michelin star-, in the place that once belonged to the royal family of Spain. Miriam Diaz, councillor of Tourism, attended the event. The supercars were parked and aligned in front of the palace for the locals to enjoy.

The participants met at Parque de Las Llamas at 09:00, where motor aficionados could admire and contemplate the jewels that compose this special event. Equipped with cameras, they immortalized their dream cars as their owners revved up their engines for them to hear.

The main sponsors of Superdeportivos Cantabria were also represented at the Parque de Las Llamas. Michelin brought Bibendum, its mascot and symbol. Maserati had its own area, where it showcased some of its models, such as the Quattroporte, the Gran Turismo or the Levante. Carbon Revolution, a company specialized in carbon fibre wheel-rims, also had its own location to present its product.

By 12:00 hours, cars left the Parque de Las Llamas for a parade through Santander. A Maserati Gran Turismo of the organization ‘led’ the train, followed by a De Tomaso Pantera GT5-S and two McLaren MP4-12C. Behind them, a Ferrari 512BB, a 599 and an Aston Martin Vanquish, and all the other vehicles.

The city council of Santander and the local police forced switched the traffic lights to yellow so the cars could drive without interruptions. Agents managed to control the traffic and avoid any affectations for the civilians, many of whom could not resist taking pictures and videos of the moment.

After this show, the participants ate at the Restaurante Maremondo before returning to the Parque de Las Llamas to test the Bultaco Brinco.

Supercars started the last route of the 2017 edition on Sunday morning, this time between Santander and the coast town of Santoña, where owners parked their cars aligned by the sea. They would later hop on a ship to discover the beautiful bay before returning to land and travelling to the town of Isla, where the Restaurante Hotel Olimpo held the farewell cocktail and lunch.

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